Well done you found the ActivAgeDigiWell.

The ActivAgeDigiWell is an art project running within the framework of the ActivAge research group based in St. James’s Hospital Dublin. ActivAge is a research and public engagement space where engineers, artists, clinicians and the public can come together to imagine how technology might support successful independent living for us all as we age.

Holy Wells in Ireland date from pre-Christian times.  Many are famous for their power to heal diseases. People still go to them today to pray and leave simple offerings. The ActivAgeDigiWell is a modern secular digital well and is dedicated to “Wellbeing”. In particular wellbeing that supports successful ageing. If you left a token at the well, thanks. We will try  to preserve and archive the tokens left there.

We would like to invite you to leave another type of token at the digital well in the form of an e-mail. We would like you to share your thoughts on the topic of how technology might support ageing. Please mail us a comment, suggestion, anecdote, critique etc.

The sorts of questions or comments that have emerged form other surveys and discussion held as part of ActivAge activities in the past include:

“The Internet of Things” will make our home smarter.

“Will we be able to keep up with the changing technology?”

“Healthcare at Home, will it work, can we afford it?”

“Opportunity to be creative using the web”

“Connecting with family using technology”

“Can technology make it easier to care for a loved one?”

“Gadgets are designed for 16 - 30 year olds and once your 50+ you out of the loop”

but hey at this Well...anything goes.....

Just click the ActivAgeDigiWell symbol below to leave your e-mail token.

We hope to use your e-mail comments to inform a presentation at an ActivAge conference in Dublin. We will not use your comments directly without asking your permission. We will not use any personal information and to help us please avoid personal information in you emails. If you don’t want us to include your email token in any analysis, just say so.

We will endeavour to acknowledge your e-mail token by return e-mail and that will come from an address named “Well Being”

If you would like more general information about the ActivAge Project click here.